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Company Structure, Governance and Social Responsability

Video conference, Bucharest, postponed

The Seminar consists of a 12 hour video conference delivered through 3 hour morning sessions for 4 days. In addition there will be 2 hour afternoon sessions following each morning VC (for a total of 8 hours) during which time the participants will not be connected through video conference but are expected to work on practical exercises assigned by the experts.

Target audience: Regulators and officers from ministries of commerce, finance, industry, and justice, senior legal advisors to corporations, and other officials or practitioners concerned with the subject matter. Total number of participants 20-25.

Overall objective: By the end of this Distance Learning Seminar, the participants will be able to:

  1. Summarize the principal governance issues facing the private sector;
  2. Analyze models of regulating the private sector and consider the effectiveness of such models in achieving regulatory objectives;
  3. Advise on improvement of systems of company governance through an understanding key concepts and relevant regulatory structures;
  4. Describe key elements of leading corporate social responsibility initiatives;
  5. Evaluate corporate social responsibility initiatives in light of comprehensive business regulatory strategy;
  6. Describe the contribution of transparency, equity and accountability to good corporate governance practices;
  7. Advise on the implementation of models designed to manage organizational compliance with law and regulation;
  8. Distinguish between concepts of legal compliance and company social responsibility.

Beneficiary Countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania

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